Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Site I've Ever Seen (Rant)

'Cuz I'm considerate like that.
This post is in no way meant to be disrespectful to my Christian friends. If you hear me out, I'm sure you'll see that the website I'm about to froth over is incredibly skewed and hateful . . . Okay, we good? Let's get to ranting.

To my lovely feminist friends:

Don't - and I mean don't - get caught up reading this ridiculous "Christian" website, because afterwards you'll feel like smacking somebody in the face. (Ten bucks says you're going to check it out anyway.)

Against my better judgment, I spent - more like wasted - the past half-hour of my life reading about why feminism and homosexuality (among other things) are "evil." Here's a little taste:
  • America's churches, marriages and homes are being destroyed by the vile feminist agenda . . . A godly man is a threat to the feminist's agenda, because he believes that a woman's place is still in the home - baking cookies, knitting, and caring for the children (1st Timothy 5:14). Of course, hen pecked husbands and sissies are exempt.  
  • Feminism is synonymous with lesbianism and abortion. Civil rights are one thing, sinful rights are another. Feminism is of the Devil.
  • Many wives today are “rottenness” to their husbands health, because of the grief and undue stress they cause for their husbands. They contaminate and rot their marriages until there's nothing left. Some even kill their babies. 
  • I don't mean to be unkind [*Me: Oh really?], but America is filled with foolish women . . . who have destroyed their marriage and home. A wife is commanded by God to submit to her husband. Many marriages today are two-headed monstrosities, because of a rebellious wife who refuses to submit to her husband's instruction. The end result is often the wife filing for divorce, which is a sin. Jesus said Matthew 5:32 that it is adultery for her to remarry. 
  • There's nothing any more wrong with America today than the sinful way women dress. We've become a nation of whorishly dressed women . . . America is going to hell morally because of immodestly dressed women. There will come a day when God will wipe that imprudent smirk off every feminists face, when they will give account to God for the sinful manner in which they dressed throughout their life. 
  • Being a U.S. citizen gives you the “right” to vote; but, it does not give you the right to be homosexual. 
  • No one is born “gay,” because God doesn't make mistakes. God created male and female, which is normal. For anyone to claim that God made them a homosexual is to say that God made a mistake, because they cannot bear children nor have normal sexual relations. God didn't make a mistake, you did. 
Sexism, racism, and homophobia? I'm gonna need
a Hefty bag for all this crap!
I could go on (and on and on and on . . . ), but I think that's enough bullcrap for one day. I know it's pointless to get so riled up about this stuff because it's all over the Web, but I can't help it - it makes me angry. Very angry.

What really gets me (besides the fact that the site has links to about 50,000 things that are "sending America to hell") is the author's feigned kindness. In his feminist section, for example, he says "I'm not trying to be unkind" about four or five times. Each time he says that I want to yank my hair out in fistfuls and say: "Well you know what, buddy? You are being unkind. You're being downright hateful." I just don't understand how somebody could bash other human beings so ferociously and then turn around and say "But remember, Jesus loves you!"

I want to believe there's a higher power out there, but I refuse to believe that that higher power would, as the author of this site claims, hate anyone. How could somebody who is supposed to be so loving and forgiving hate anyone?

Before I get so riled up that I wake the entire house (it is 2:24am, after all), let me take this opportunity to get a few things off my chest.

I believe: 
  1. No person in this world should be considered more important than another; we should all be treated equally.
  2. Men should respect women, just as women should respect men.
  3. Women should not "submit" to their husbands; rather, marriage should be an equal partnership of reciprocated love and respect.
  4. Feminism is awesome. (Sorry, I had to sneak that in . . . )
  5. Women should have complete control over their reproductive health.
  6. People's sex lives should be a private matter and not define them.
  7. People are born gay (as in, it's not something that can be flippantly changed).
  8. People should be able to love whoever they want to love.
I know simply saying that stuff doesn't do anything, but it feels good getting it out there. And if that makes me a "sinner," fine.

P.S. I think the author of this site deserves what my dad used to call his D.A. Award. I'll let you figure out  for yourself what "D.A." stands for (hint: it does not stand for Dumbledore's Army).


  1. Is that shit for real? Excuse my language, but seriously? I didn't read through the site (I'm heading your advice), but I did click on the link to see what it looked like. And the actual website is *almost* as bad as the crap it's spewing.

    I love your "I believe" statements! I'm not sure what I believe in religiously, but I 100% agree with you - I don't think a higher power would be cool with people hating anyone, and using a religious message to further this hate. It makes me incredibly sad to see this still going on in our world today.

  2. Oy vey. If believing all this makes me a sinner, least we'll both get tans together!

  3. I like your "I believe" list.

    Now, not all who are gay are born gay, and there's nothing wrong with flipping back and forth from gay to straight and back one day to the next. But, I think what you're trying to say is that it's ok for people to be who they are, and that it's not reasonable to think badly of them because of things they may not even be in control of.

    An obvious note: if you go looking for nonsense, there'll be more than you can ever find the end of. I'm not surprised or stirred by even the most ridiculous opinions anymore, because I've realized that there is no limit to how twisted the things people believe can be. Also, trying to convince them otherwise will not be successful.

  4. feminism is the bahahaha!

  5. I think i've only seen one site worse than this...Something called Ladies Against Feminism that i stumbled on researching a school project. But this, this is pretty freaking bad. :/


  6. I couldn't stop laughing at "There's nothing any more wrong with America today than the sinful way women dress." If the biggest problem in America is the way Americans dress, then the world is seriously fucked (or the guy hasn't watched or read the news for the last ten years.)

  7. I'm sorry, but who in their right mind wants to be part of a religion that commands a woman to submit to the will of her husband? If you think about it (which I'm sure they don't), that's implying that the man is the better one, when he in fact is just a human being. We all are! And I bet divorce is only a sin when the woman asks for it, huh?

    I consider myself a religious person -I do prefer the word spiritual,though- and I only submit to the will of God.. certainly not a man. That's why I refuse to believe that Jesus is god. But that's for another rant..

    No human being should submit to another human being in my opinion.

  8. Ohmigod!! I just read that article right befor Ilanded here! I couldn't believe it either, lol. I love being free and wearing whatever I want! Religion was created to restrain us, all of them... happy to be a good person without a "God"


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