Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life According to Google (Men vs. Women)

Is Google an elusive window into the complex minds of internetizens, 
or just an annoying friend who likes to finish all your sentences?


  1. Hey. I couldn't help but notice that you put it in the order of "boys-girls" and then "men-women". Is it just me or is this vaguely ironic for a feminist blog? ...Maybe it's just my anal-ness.

  2. @awesomeaim

    Wow, good eye! I actually chose that order for a reason.

    First off, I put boys/girls and men/women together to group the implied ages (young vs. old).

    Then I decided that overall, many of the "women" entries were more positive than the "men" entries (excluding that rather tasteless "Women are good for 70 things" bit).

    One of the "men" entries says "men are bastards"; I did NOT want that to be the last thing somebody reads in the post. I don't want ANYONE to assume that I think "men are bastards." That's not what I'm about. That's not what FEMINISM is about.

    As weird (and yes, anal!) as it sounds, I think conclusions are very important. A conclusion is the last part you read of a post/book/story/etc., so it can affect the overall "feel" of the piece.

    Rather than end this blog post on a note that could be seen as negative towards men, why not end on a note that could be seen as more positive towards women?

    Thus, me and my love for symmetry and patterns came up with: boy, girl, man, woman.

    Make sense? :)


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