Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My "Awwww" Moment

This is a picture from our super-secret meeting at
Krispy Kreme, back when we were plotting - I mean
planning - Operation: Anti-Discrimination . . .
I know I talk a lot about the girls in Real Beauty Revolution (the women's rights club I started at my high school), but I dug something out of my drawer the other day that pretty much had me grinning like an idiot, and I wanted to gloa--- I mean share

A while back we did the time-tested activity where everybody passes a paper around and writes something (nice) about each other. I recognized my paper immediately when I found it, because it's bright, blinding yellow with a precarious grease stain that just decided to show up one day. Nonetheless, reading it over for the nth time made me remember why I love what I do - and who I am.

You see, RBR didn't take off like I wanted it to (we have a steady membership of about eight). But instead of standing up in front of a group of girls I don't know each week, I get to sit at a table with girls I've gotten to know so well in a matter of just a few months. We laugh, and joke, and talk about the "big things," and generally support each other when somebody has a problem or something on their mind. 

It's corny, yes, but because "my girls" are mostly freshman (excluding a few of my Junior friends who managed to sneak in), I've gotten to play the older sister role. And if I had even a tiny, miniscule, microscopic fraction in helping them to become more confident and to realize how smart and strong and beautiful they are . . . that would just make everything I strive for - everything I believe in - worth it, you know?

So! Back to the point, here are a few of the things that were written on my paper. I plan to keep this thing for a hundred years (or more!) just so whenever somebody tells me "Give up!" or "This stuff is a waste of time!" I can whip it out and say "Excuse me, I think these girls would believe otherwise."

P.S. Pay special attention to the last one. *smiles*


  1. Maybe you can add this one to your list and keep it for one hundred years (or more). . .

    I love how you are so passionate about the things you believe in that you can't contain your enthusiasm. I love how you always cheer for the underdog, and how you love people for "who" they are, instead of for what they look like, what their social status is or if they wear the latest fashions. I love how you work so hard to make others happy, that you sometimes forget to take time for yourself. I love how you never put less that 110% into the things that you do(because that just wouldn't be up to your standards).

    I love how you can be so strong on the outside (even when you aren't always feeling so strong on the inside). I love that you've given a voice to your thoughts and feelings and have been able to share them with the world (yes, the world!) I love how you've become a role model. Someone who's ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. Someone who reminds us that we ALL have worth, beauty, and a voice, too, if we choose to use it.

    I love how you make me laugh, and make me cry. And more than anything, you make me PROUD.

    I love that you've proven that a child can be a parent's HERO! :)

  2. Aw this is so sweet :) We did this in sixth grade, except that was the grade that everyone hated each other in, so we had to redo it like three times before people stopped writing mean things on other people's papers. I should suggest we do this in school, this is a really great idea.


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